Vastu Tip: Myths about South Facing Entry

90% of my clients ask me this question – Is South side entry of the house is really bad? Well, on the contrary in my experience and as per Vastu – there are few zones within South direction which are very positive as it brings Growth in career, immense prosperity, Money, Productivity and birth of Male Child. I have observed many successful and rich individuals, corporate house to shops having right South side entry. In all honesty there are only 2 to 3 positive entries in each directions out of 8 entries in each main (N,E, S and W) direction, so even if you purchase North or East side entry does not mean it is a good entry; for an example entry at 12 to 34 Degree North responsible for Fanatic Behaviour, Child defy family traditions. Similarly, East Entry between 90 to 135 Degree responsible for Short temperament, aggressive behaviour, unreliable character, accidents, Financial losses, burglary etc…Very important you choose correction entry. There are simple remedies (without any demolition or constructions) available to fix wrong entry as well as opening virtual entry – this works perfectly fine and yield 100% results.
Here is my small write up about South side Entry
Alakh Niranjan !!!!
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Rohitt Shah (Vastu Acharya – Numero Vastu Guru)
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Bazi and Lal Kitab Consultant
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NOTE: One need to ensure that they locate the direction accurately for tips to work. We work on 16 zones (directions) so make sure you plot the direction accurately.
16 Zones (directions): NorthNorth of NE, North-East(NE)East of NE EastEast of SESouth-East (SE)South of SESouthSouth of SWSouth-West (SW)West of SWWestWest of NWNorth-West (NW)North of NW.
Each zone carries its own attributes, colours, patterns and associations with 5 elements (Water, wood, Fire, Earth and Space).
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