Vastu Tip: Unable to conceive Child

There are certain directions which are primarily responsible for conceiving a Child – see attached image for list of directions/zones. If these directions are well balanced without any anti elements or cuts then there should not be any problem in conceiving a child. Similarly there are entrances which can also causes problem in conceiving a child at the same time there are entrances which can fulfil the particular wish as well. There are successful cases when worked with mentioned directions and entrances.
If you are not sure on how to detect/find problems in these directions OR feel there are no faults in mentioned directions/zones then you will need to consult us for 3D solutions (Astro, Numerology and Vastu based remedies) which will help in conceiving a child. Remedies must be followed.
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Unable to Conceive Child by Mystic Solutions
Rohitt Shah (Vastu Acharya, Astro Vastu – Numero Vastu Guru)
Mahavastu, Astro-Vastu, Numerology, Bazi and Lal Kitab Consultant
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NOTE: One need to ensure that they locate the direction accurately for tips to work. We work on 16 zones (directions) so make sure you plot the direction accurately.
16 Zones (directions): North , North of NE, North-East(NE), East of NE East, East of SE, South-East (SE), South of SE, South, South of SW, South-West (SW), West of SW, West, West of NW, North-West (NW), North of NW. Each zone carries its own attributes, colours, patterns and associations with 5 elements (Water, wood, Fire, Earth and Space).
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