Why Walk with Barefoot or Sleep on floor


Why Walk with Barefoot or Sleep on floor

I am sure many of you have heard of earthing. In old days many people used to walk barefoot, used sleep on ground without mattress or have house build such a way that it is connected to earth. This practice has resulted in more healthier life. But in this modern world we have become more disconnected with earth… We sleep on mattress, wear shoes, house have carpet or wooden flooring etc…so we have become disconnected with earth I.e. No earthing. earthing becomes when our skin is in direct contact with earth. End of the day our body is full of electrical system.
Many times we felt small static electric shock while walking with rubber soled shoes and touching metal object…reason for this is that our body has built up a electric charge ( while walking) but unable to discharge as our body unable to to discharge it to earth. Our body picks up electric charges from all sort of surrounding throughout the day but if not able to discharge then imagine what happens!!! So while earthing our body discharge all these charges we built up during day into earth and same time tunes with natural electrical energy of earth.
Benefits of Earthing
Defuse the cause of inflammation and reduces inflammation related disorders
Reduces chronic pain. Sore knee, aching back, sore neck, joints these all can be greatly improved.
Research says, 85% of people fall sleep faster, 93% reports better quality sleep and 100% felt more relaxed and rested.
Increase energy and mental clarity
Lower stress and promotes calmness in the body by cooling down nervous system
Thins blood and improves blood pressure and flow
Relieves muscle tension and headaches
Speeds up healing, reduces jet legs
Dramatically improves recovery from intense physical activities.
So walk barefoot on the earth at least 30 minutes each day, sleep on grass while in park. Enjoy natures best offering which helps you to live healthy without a cost.
So go on and take a barefoot walk…happy walking!!!


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